Mission and Vision

At Christ Lutheran Church it is our mission to worship, share, teach, and live Jesus Christ.  Read on to learn how that mission guides our church to reach up to heaven, reach into our hearts, and reach out into the community around us to proclaim the good news of Jesus!


Worship is an important part of the Christian's life. It is where believers in Jesus Christ come together as the family of God to give Him thanks and praise for all He has done for us. It is a time to reflect on our actions and thoughts. It is where we receive the forgiveness of sins and His body and blood through the Sacrament of the Altar.

It is through worship that we refresh our faith and receive the strength to face the world around us.


Reaching out to family, friends, and our community with the Gospel message of the love that Jesus Christ has for all is important in the life of our congregation.

Through sharing we help other ministries in our community and the church body.


To know Jesus Christ is to love Him and we come to know Him through the proper teaching and study of the Holy Scriptures. It is critical to the life and salvation of all to have many opportunities to learn and understand the love of Jesus Christ through the Bible.


Daily we each live out lives on this earth and even though it is the same date on the calendar, we approach the day in our own way. Many will face the same joys and hardships, but for those who have Jesus Christ at their side, they will see each situation differently.

To live Jesus Christ means to live a selfless life placing God first and others second. It means that while we struggle in the world we know by our faith in Jesus Christ that we have, through grace, received the promise of eternal life. It is in response to this most wonderful gift that we, both sinner and saint, strive to live our lives according to the model that Jesus gave us while He was on earth.

The way we live Jesus Christ is by loving one another as He loves us. To worship Him regularly, to share all that He has given us with those in need, to teach His work clearly and without error, and to live according to that Word.